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This experimenter friendly site supports the development and distribution of biologically inspired, Bynase enabled, circuits called Cybords.

I've been collecting sensor data for over a year now using an Arduino with an Ethernet shield to share OneWire temperature sensor data over the net. I've built low-fidelity sensors for daylight, rain and PowerAnalysis. I've pushed this project up to GitHub but don't yet have it ready to promote.


JimLarson and I reinvent VideoCircles as an art project called CodosomeHexis. This new project page has YouTube video and GitHub source.


We have a favorite servo motor configuration first explored by AmericanGlory as a mechanism for waving a flag through 360 degrees. Our DomeCam project replaces the flag with a video camera to make panoramic videos.


Our renewed interest in cycling has us training indoors on rollers. These are more fun than stationary bikes because you do have to balance and you can fall over. Of course, after about the third time, one gets to thinking about measurements. That lead us to launch the SpinometerProject.


We "implanted" most of a ThrowieTalkie as fashion for the CyborgCamp pre-party at Vidoop. At the event itself we proposed converting it to an in-body/out-of-body thermometer.


Our friends at DorkbotPdx have gotten us interested in the open-source ArduinoBoard. This 15-inch tall animated stand-up cut-out is our first work, called MiniRay. It uses a single Arduino in place of a handful of Cybords.


We were pleased to have three of our works exhibited at the OsconShow in Portland, Oregon. Many thanks to Ben Foote of the OnGallery for making this happen. (Photo thanks to rgordon at flickr)


We bought a pre-built model airplane and now, just four hours into the project, have a working animated ServoPushrodModelAirplaneStand.


We presented What if Bacteria Designed Computers at DorkbotPdx 0x01 to standing room only. Slides and video are available.


We've been experimenting with a part that simulates a rolling die. We can hook DiceRoller outputs together and get the sums computed for "free".


We've mashed up Cybords to make the ThrowieTalkie and found another way to mix parts from other projects to explore VideoFeedback.
We like using model airplane servo motors. ServoPointerProject and the ScribblerProject use them to make foam core board move in interesting ways.

We use the same kind of computer for everything. But, since we customize the program for each one, we think of them as different parts. We distribute the source code as free software so that you can build on our work.

There a method to our madness which we discuss in a few general essays.

We're pleased that others build the projects described on this site. We recognized that the way we've written makes this a bit of a puzzle.

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