The Kaweah River Flood of Jan. 2,3 1997

Pictures of the Kaweah River Flood,

All pictures taken by Roger Sackerson at a flow of approximately 12000cfs inflow to the lake. Thanks to Gary Kunkle for help in scanning the images!

  • SCE Bridge at the Park Boundary
  • Above Pumpkin Hollow Bridge at Gateway
  • Below Gateway Bridge
  • A little further below Gateway Bridge
  • The Chute
  • Powerhouse Rapid
  • Below Dinely Bridge
  • Suicide Falls
  • Upper Slicky
  • Lower Slicky
  • North Fork Kaweah
  • Debris in Lake Kaweah
  • A graphical look at the Cause of the Flood of 1997
  • Tule River Flood Damage

    The flood of Jan '97 changed the Kaweah alot.The descriptions between the Park Boundary and the Lake have been updated to reflect the changes as I found them in May and June of '97 at flows between 700 and 2300 cfs. Check here for Olie Brown's report of Changes to the Kaweah following the flood of '97.

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