Kaweah River Flow

The Gauge that was on the Footing below Dinely Bridge was washed away in the Jan.'97 Flood. A New Gauge was installed on May 20, 1997. While the new gauge is calibrated to the old location, the river channel has been rearranged and the new readings do not correspond to the old ones. A new reading of 1.8ft yields the same flow as an old reading of 2.4ft

  • Graph of Flow vs New Dinely Gauge Ht. (Updated often as new data is available)
  • Graph of Old Dinely vs New Dinely Gauge Ht. (Updated often as new data is available)
  • Flow vs Old Dinely Gauge Ht.
  • Flow vs Old Pooley House Gauge
  • Flow vs Dinely/Pooley Gauges
  • North Fork Gauge Graph , or Picture
  • Reservoir Storage vs Reservoir Elevation
  • Typical Flow Variations over a 10 day period during spring runoff
  • Flow Contribution of the Five Tributaries (1978 runoff season)
  • Map of Kaweah Water Diversions
  • Past Flow history1959-1969
  • Past Flow history1970-1979
  • Past Flow history1980-1989
  • Past Flow history1995-1997

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