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This page is the connection to The Kaweah River Picture Page. The Kaweah River Picture Page is now served from a dedicated always on server running Windows2000 via DSL at 128Kbits/sec upload and a semi-permanent IP address. If your bookmark to the KRPP doesn't work the next time it means the IP address has changed (not likely due to system implementation with always on Router), or the DNS name for the server IP address has changed (more likely). KRPP IP has been stable since 5-7-02. There is currently over 315 MB of photos served from this page. During the boating season the days photos are uploaded every evening.

Bookmark this page only. It will be kept up to date with the current link to the Kaweah River Picture Page. Is is NOT recommended to bookmark any of the destination subpages. Their addresses may change. Also refrain from linking to the subpages. That gets real messy when the server IP or DNS changes.

The Kaweah River Picture Page

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