Kaweah River Log-3 Rivers to Lake

KAWEAH RIVER LOG, Town of Three Rivers to the Lake

by Bill Pooley

  • Elevation at the Put-in: 805 ft. Elevation at the Take-out: 650 ft.
  • Length of run: 3.6 miles
  • Average Gradient: 43 ft/mile
  • Overall rating: Low water: Class 2 (3), High water: Class 3+ (4)

    Mile 6.1 Put-in 100 yards below Lower Slicky

    Mile 6.6 Tuber's Religion (Class 3)

    Large hole in the middle of the river. Run left. A couple of surfing waves.

    Flood of Jan 97 Update: A new large river wide hole lies downstream 200 yards from Tuber's Religion. A very ugly strainer tree grows out of the fast moving current in the rapid below the new hole. Please avoid this new danger.

    Mile 7.0 Golf Course (Class 3)

    River Bends left and drops through some fun waves. Wave become very large at high water. Rapid finishes behind the 6th green at the Three Rivers Golf Course. Give yourself a par for a clean run.

    Flood of Jan 97 Update: Some rocks are moved but otherwise the same.

    Mile 8.0 Tunnel of Love (Class 3+)

    Take the left channel at the KOA Campground. This long section is swift and with few eddies. Be alert for brush and trees growing out from the bank. No swimming allowed.

    Mile 8.0 Dead Cow (Class 3)

    Alternate route to avoid the more difficult Tunnel of Love. Take the right channel at the KOA Campground. Good white water with 2 rapids noted for some nice standing waves. Look for the remains of the dead cow high in a tree on river right. Dead Cow and the Tunnel of Love converge a half mile downstream.

    Mile 9.0 UPPER HOLIDAY (Class 4)

    BIG rapid 4 miles below Lower Slicky. Scout right. Pushy entrance on right. Sneak left at high water. This rapid is half buried when the lake is full. Some nice holes near the bottom at high flows. Takeout is at the bottom when the lake is full (or at the top if you havenít had your wheaties). There is trail to the left at the bottom of the rapid to a small parking area on Hwy 198 adjacent to the Holiday Lodge Motel. This entire rapid will be buried if the Corp of Engineers raises the dam by 21 feet.

    Mile 9.2 LOWER HOLIDAY (Class 4)

    Left side is the easiest. Carefully plan your route and then go down the center for maximum action! This rapid is buried when the lake is full.

    Mile 10.0 Boat Ramp Takeout

    Take out here when the lake is low.

    Look upstream at Dinely to Town Section (Class 4)

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