Kaweah River Log: North Fork, Bailey Bridge to Main Kaweah Confluence

NORTH FORK KAWEAH RIVER LOG: Bailey Bridge to Main Kaweah Confluence

by Bill Pooley

  • Elevation at the Put-in: 960 ft. Elevation at the Confluence: 825 ft.
  • Total Elevation Loss: 135 ft
  • Length of run: 2.6 miles
  • Average Gradient: 52 ft/mile
  • Overall rating: Low water: Class 3+Technical, High water: Class 4
  • Gauge: Bailey Bridge, downstream left bridge footing
  • Runnable range:1.7 ft to 2.5 ft
  • Portages: None
  • Hazards: Trees, Logs and Brush
  • Rafts?: No way!

    To get to the put-in cross the North Fork Bridge in the town of Three Rivers and drive 3.5 miles up North Fork Drive until the road crosses the river at Bailey Bridge. Park your car downstream far enough so as not to get it towed in one of the many No Parking areas.

    RM 2.6 Put-In

    Put in at downstream of Bailey Bridge on the right bank. Watch for barbed wire.

    This run is not as nice as th one above it. Most people do it once and have had enough. The vegitation along the river is excessive and additional hazards such as hanging vines adds to the hazards described in the run above this. There are a couple of larger rapids near the end of the run. Above 2.5 feet this run gets difficult because of a large amount of brush along the banks.

    RM 0.6 The Ledges

    The river splits before you get to this drop but both routes are good routes through the ledges. A series of ledges requires some manouvering. At higher water the ledges create some pretty good holes.

    RM 0.3 Airport (Class 4)

    This is the largest rapid on the run and is very good at higher flows.

    RM 0.2 Airport Bridge

    RM 0 Confuluence with Main Kaweah

    It is best to continue downstream .5 miles and take out at Cort Gallery below Lower Slicky.

    Look upstream Paradise Beach to Bailey Bridge (Class 3+T/4)

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