Kaweah River Log: Yucca Creek, Tributary to the North Fork Kaweah


by Bill Pooley

  • Elevation at the Put-in: ?
  • Total Elevation Loss: ?
  • Length of run: 2 miles, plus or minus
  • Average Gradient: 330 ft/mi, last 2 miles
  • Overall rating: Class 5
  • Gauge: Bailey Bridge, left bridge footing of Bailey Bridge on the North Fork
  • Runnable range: Unknown, but probably when the North Fork has plenty of water
  • Portages: Probably
  • Hazards: You bet
  • Rafts?: No way, it's a creek.
  • Map: Yes, Click Here

    Best go to one of these other sites for the info you really want

    Gary Valle's Yucca Creek Page has a writeup and photos

    Preston Holmes' Yucca Creek Page has photos and a bit more water

    The author has not personally made this run nor scouted it. From the descriptions by others, there is no trail to the put in and the hike involves considerable bushwacking through poison oak. The put in is as far up as you want to bushwack.

    Continue downstream on the North Fork (Class 4/5)

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