1998 Vacation Boating on the Kaweah

I was boating on the Kaweah and it's tributaries for a total of three weeks this season. The second two week trip with Steve Lyford saw 9 consecutive days on the North Fork between 1.9 ft.and 1.45 ft. We did an exploratory run from 4 miles up the South Fork and numerous runs above and below Dinely Bridge on the main Kaweah. We also got down on the Tule for 2 runs. It was a big water year and the North Fork was running through July 12th. --Your Kaweah Webmeister, Bill Pooley--

Photos have been replaced with jpgs of half the file size. Photodeluxe wasn't cutting it. Paint Shop Pro did the trick.

North Fork Kaweah Photos
 North Fork Shuttle
 The half mile walk to the Put In at Yucca Flat
 Putting in on the beach at Yucca Flat

 Portage No. 1 (Yes, there IS a paddle in there)
 Bill Pooley exiting Portage No. 1
 Steve Lyford navigates the entrance to Portage No. 1
 Steve Lyford in the fold at the exit of Portage No. 1

 Bill Pooley in the Ledges

 Alan Parker decelerating in Accelerator (backpaddling to get right)
 Alan Parker accelerating in Accelerator
 Bill Pooley taking the left exit in Accelerator
 Bill Pooley exits Accelerator
 Lawrence Cook in Accelerator
 Steve Lyford below Accelerator

 Bill Pooley on Right Side Leap

 Blain Harmon descending Cherry Falls at 1.9 ft on the gauge (awesome!)
 Steve Lyford Seal Launching at the Cherry Falls Portage

 Twisted Sister with Cherry Falls visible in the distance
 Alan Parker in Twisted Sister
 Lawrence Cook in Twisted Sister
 Mike Hauber on the right line in Twisted Sister
 Steve Lyford going left in upper drop of Twisted Sister
 Steve Lyford exiting the final drop of Twisted Sister
 Roping a log out of the exit drop at Twisted Sister

 Bill Pooley on Crackerjack
 Steve Lyford on Crackerjack
 John Kammer on Crackerjack with Bill Pooley waiting in the eddy

 Alan Parker in Diagonal
 Bill Pooley eddied out below Diagonal
 Bill Pooley in Diagonal
 Lawrence Cook adding some excitement in Diagonal
 Steve Lyford below Diagonal

 Bill Pooley below Up Against the Wall
 Bill Pooley is "Up Against the Wall"!

 Bill Pooley in the entrance drop of Chutes and Ladders
 Lawrence Cook in the final plunge of Chutes and ladders

Main Kaweah Photos
 No. 1 below the Park Boundary at 2.5 ft., Middle Fork Kaweah River
 No. 2 below the Park Boundary at 2.5 ft., Middle Fork Kaweah River
 No. 13, 14, and 15 above Gateway Bridge, Middle Fork Kaweah River
 Gateway Rapid at 3000 cfs
 Cat Eye at 3000 cfs
 Steve Lyford safely eddied out below Suicide Falls
 Entrance to Upper Holiday at 3000 cfs
 Upper Holiday at 3000 cfs
 Lower Holiday at 3000 cfs
 The lunch spot on the Web master's river deck
 Steve getting ready for a put in on the lower run below Dinely
 Our house on the Kaweah

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