Kaweah River Links

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Hydrology Links

  • Get AvantGo get current Kaweah River Flow and other graphs loaded to your Palm or other PDA every time you sync
  • Flow Plots for the rest of California
  • Kaweah Flow 4 day - Below Terminus Dam
  • Historic Flow Data for all Gauges in Tulare County, CA.
  • California Nevada River Forcast Center

    Kayak/Rafting Links

  • Sage Root's "Our Trip Video Productions" California Kayaking Video Clips
  • Sierra South's Homepage Kerville, Ca.
  • American Whitewater - River Reach #215
  • California Creekin' Kaweah River
  • This is what creekin.net says about the Kaweah River

    Commercial Rafting

  • Beyond Limits Adventures
  • Whitewater Connection
  • Beyond Limits Adventures - Kaweah River
  • Whitewater Voyages Kaweah River
  • All-Outdoors Kaweah River
  • All Outdoors Kaweah River
  • Kaweah Whitewater Adventures
  • E-Raft Kaweah River
  • EarthTrek Expeditions Kaweah River
  • Adventure Connection Kaweah River
  • Whitewater Connection Kaweah River

    Pictures from the Kaweah River Page

  • The Kaweah River Picture Page All the pictures from the 2000, 2001 and 2002 seasons
  • Picture of the Day Archive for the 2002, 2001, and 2000 boating seasons.
  • 1998 Kaweah River Boating Vacation Pictures
  • Preston Holmes runnning Cherry Falls at 2.7 ft
  • Blain Harmon running Cherry Falls at 1.9 ft
  • Sunset over Case Mtn. or Sunset to the West
  • The Girls Cliff Jumping into the Gorge below Ash Mountain.
  • The Gardenfork of the Kaweah ;)
  • Kaweah Post Office up North Fork Drive
  • Very Serious "KAWEAH" Boater!
  • Gas Station at Pumpkin Hollow in the old days
  • Commercial raft having a normal day at Powerhouse pre 2002 Janet Reno Rock location and very pre the current Al Gored rock

    Photo Links

  • The flood of January 1997
  • Steve Shames Photos The Kaweah River
  • Middle Fork Kaweah River
  • Holiday Hole, Kaweah River - 360 degree Virtual Tour

    Agency Links

  • Lake Kaweah Page (US Army Corp of Engineers)
  • Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks
  • US Geolological Survey
  • California Department of Water Resources
  • Calif Data Exchange Center
  • California Snow Surveys
  • North Fork BLM Recreation Sites
  • Army Corp of Engineers Feasibility Report and EIS Report on the Terminus Dam Raising
  • Kaweah River Basin Investigation, Feasibility
  • Kaweah River Basin Investigation, EIS
  • Kaweah Enlargement Project Page First Page -
  • Sequoia National Forest
  • Recreation.Gov - North Fork Kaweah River
  • BLM Case Mtn North Fork Areas
  • BLM Rules for Case Mountain Area
  • Forks of the Kern Permit Process USFS

    Organizations Links

  • Friends of the River
  • Sequoia Natural History Association

    Camping Links

  • The Three Rivers Hideaway, Formerly The Three Rivers Motel and RV Park is under new ownership and management. Located a quarter mile west of Dinely Bridge on Hwy 198 it offers accodations and camping. This facility is boater friendly.
  • Kaweah Park Resort

    Dining Links

  • The Gateway Restaurant and Lodge

    Accomodations Links

  • River Walker Ranch locally aka Riverway Ranch
  • Sequoia Cabins on the East Fork Kaweah A really cool place to stay just 5.8 miles up the Mineral King Road. Includes East Fork access and swimming hole! There are more pictures of the Cabins and Trail to the river on the Kaweah Picture Page linked above
  • Sequoia Bed and Breakfast Home Page
  • Trinity Ranch on the North Fork Kaweah is under new ownership and is open for business as a place to stay. Nice accodations if you were planning a boating vacation while the North Fork is running. Email to the Trinity Ranch for more info
  • Trailer Isle Park RV Camping on the Kaweah River
  • Silver City Mountain Resort
  • ResCentre.com National Park Lodging & Travel Services
  • The Gateway Restaurant and Lodge
  • Lake Elowin Resort
  • Buckeye Tree Lodge
  • Sequoia Motel

    Local Business Links

  • The Village of Three Rivers threerivers.com
  • Sierra Printing and Graphics

    Online Publications Links

  • The Kaweah Commonwealth Local Three Rivers Newspaper
  • A reprint of the trailworks.com article about the Kaweah as it appreared in December of 1999 on the trailworks.com website has been located. You can find it on the Kaweah River Pictures Page.
  • Valley Voice Newspaper
  • Virtual Guidebook to Sequoia-Kings Canyon - Kaweah River

    Nearby Destinations Links

  • Lake Kaweah
  • The Mineral King Valley
  • Crystal Caves
  • Esholm Valley

    Area History Links

  • Three Rivers Historical Society
  • Co-Operative Dreams: A History of The Kaweah Colony (Book)
  • The Kings River Flume
  • Gas Station at Pumpkin Hollow in the old days

    Area Hiking and Mountainbiking Links

  • BLM Case Mountain Mountain Bike Trails
  • Kaweah River Footbridge Hikes, Atwell, Backpacking, Tar Gap
  • East Fork Kaweah Falls
  • Hike to Homers Nose

    Miscillaneous Links

  • Cliff Jumping at Air Above Water features the Kaweah River on their Clifornia 14 destination
  • The Kaweah had HIGH WATER, in November of 1996
  • Swimming Holes of the Sequoias (for post runoff recreation)
  • Lake Kaweah California
  • Kaweah Han, Mountain Lodge and Forest Retreat on the Upper East Fork is for sale for $2,500,000
  • Kaweah Han (khlodge.com) Another KaweahHan website
  • Kaweah Han Brochure, page 2

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